Manage all things moving

The world is on the move. And wherever there is movement, you will find us: Moving Intelligence. We help people manage all things moving: from cars to scooters, from trailers to containers, from boats to work equipment. That’s important, because you value what you have. Everything that drives, sails, flies, or is transported. Items of value for which you saved a long time, in which you invested a great deal, and on which a lot depends. Whether it is a lorry, fleet of vehicles, boat or haulage: we enable control. 


And that is reassuring. To have insight in your possessions. We do this for everyone: multinational or retailer, fleet manager or proud owner of an oldtimer.


Moving Intelligence enables management of all things moving. With hardware that we integrate invisibly and software that makes information visible. Allowing you to monitor, control and safeguard all things moving worldwide. And should something be stolen from you anyway, we will recover it personally. Literally.  

We are doing this for almost 20 years. And every day, every year of our company’s existence, we innovate our services and products further. That is why we are market leader in managing all things moving. Our technology allows people to sleep more soundly and businesses to operate more efficiently. We are: Moving Intelligence.


Technocon B.V. 

Technocon B.V. was founded in 1999 and immediately set out to develop high-quality technological solutions for the recovery of vehicles following theft.


In 2002 we proudly introduced our first product – the ‘Retreever’. A technological feat that was approved by TNO and certified by the Stichting Certificering Motorrijtuigbeveiliging (SCM) based on the TT03 legislation valid at the time.


Our penchant for accommodating our customers’ needs in combination with affordable prices and convincing vehicle recovery results quickly propelled us to a market-leading role in the field of vehicle tracking systems – a position which we are proud to say to have retained until this day.


Changes to the Dutch tax system relating to the reporting of mileage for business vehicles created a need amongst our customers for a comprehensive trip logging system to use in combination with their Retreever vehicle tracking system. This would become an added service, and this lead to the further advancement of the technology behind the Retreever.


In 2005 we subsequently introduced our first fully-dedicated trip logging system – the ‘Tripmarker’. Based on techniques that are now commonly applied in the vehicle security field, a comprehensive trip logging system could be used, accessible through a special ‘Online Service’ environment developed by Technocon.


In 2009 the expertise gained in the previous development projects was used as the foundation for developing a new product range both for vehicle security as well as commercial fleet management accessible through a single, comprehensive online platform where customers have great flexibility in choosing between the various services available. This would be the precursor for our current ‘Moving Intelligence’.


In 2010 we were proud to supply our customers with the new Mi50 hardware for the first time, at which time our Moving Intelligence platform also went ‘live’.


Over the past few years our range of services has been expanded from ‘merely’ vehicle security and trip logging, to full-spectrum commercial fleet management functionalities that contribute to achieving environmental sustainability objectives and the reduction of fleet costs. The Moving Intelligence platform is now also no longer only accessible on a web browser but also using the Miapp (for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets).


To this day, not only does the development of our services continue, but in addition to the Mi50 we also now offer the Mi6, Mi7, Mi8, Mi9 and MiBlock, each with their own specific features and possibilities and suitable to fulfil various needs. All are based on the high requirements that Technocon sets for the products supplied under the name Moving Intelligence.