Certification for Trip Logging Systems

The Keurmerk RitRegistratieSystemen (Certification for Trip Logging Systems) was implemented in 2013 by the associations Vereniging Zakelijke Rijders (VZR, Association of Commercial Drivers), Branchevereniging van Leveranciers Ritregistratiesystemen and RAI-vereniging. The certification for trip logging systems is issued by Stichting Keurmerk RitRegistratieSystemen.


Dutch companies, organisations and private individuals that purchase the RRS-certified trip logging system can count on 100% accurate, reliable and tax-approved trip records.

The RRS certification guarantees compliance of your trip logging records for the Tax Bureau and also provides assurance that your privacy and personal data will be handled confidentially and with care.


Suppliers of trip logging systems are audited by PWC for compliance with various requirements. Important aspects inspected during this audit are compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the requirements set by the Tax Bureau for standards for Trip Logging Systems.


Users of a certified trip logging system can therefore not only count on accurate and tax-approved trip logging records, but will also be prepared for relevant legislative and regulatory changes in the future.


You can find additional information about the RRS certification as well as the association at: keurmerkritregistratiesystemen.nl