Privacy Policy

By opting for the products and services of Moving Intelligence B.V., you are assured of working with a reliable, professional and highly competent partner. We provide solutions that we know our customers can depend on. And our customers can also depend on us when it comes to the careful and confidential handling of personal information.


We collect enormous volumes of data on a daily basis, and it is natural to us to properly and responsibly handle this privacy-sensitive information. We have several means of guaranteeing the security of both your and our own data, thereby also meeting all pertinent legal and regulatory requirements. We will never forward collected data to third-parties. We always respect the privacy of our customers.


In order to comply with regulations, we are committed to fulfilling the stipulations of the Privacy Gedragscode Keurmerk RitRegistratieSystemen (Code of Conduct on Privacy for Trip Logging Systems). This document can be downloaded using the link below: Download the Code of Conduct on Privacy


Moving Intelligence B.V. is registered with the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (Dutch Data Protection Authority). Moving Intelligence B.V. will use your collected data for the purposes of theft prevention and recovery of property. The position of your vehicle cannot be determined without your permission, except of course for automatic theft detection. In the event of theft detection, you will always be contacted for verification.