With the free Moving Intelligence app you always have insight into the trip logs and real-time status of your coupled vehicles. In addition, the app also includes a number of useful features for activating/deactivating your ignition immobiliser.




Real Time:

-       Live tracking of all your vehicles – anywhere, anytime

-       Shows route travelled

-       Shows POI's (Point of Interest) specified on the Moving Intelligence platform in the app


Insight into:

-       Ignition on/off?

-       Current speed

-       Displaying the route




Trip logging:

-       Trip start and end time

-       Trip origin and destination

-       Trip distance

-       Manual trip classification (Business/Private/Home-Work Commute/Unknown)

-       Shows all route(s) travelled on map

-       Add notes to trips




SCM-certified Vehicle Tracking System:

This security requirement ensures that a vehicle must be fitted with an immobiliser (MiBlock) with jamming detection. We have included a number of useful features for this in the app:


-       Alarm deactivation – for when you want to temporarily deactivate the alarm warning feature (which warns our Emergency Call Centre in the event of unauthorised use)

-       Option to have the vehicle ask for a key fob (once) for the immobiliser

-       The App also has a calendar feature which you can use to specify times during which the key fob is required (e.g. every day between 11PM and 7AM).





-       Remotely activate/deactivate various functions, for example such as your boat’s block heater


The App is available in various languages – English, Dutch, German, French and Italian. The app will automatically choose your phone or tablet’s set language.




MiApp user manual