The Mi Tracking Device series is our security system with coverage throughout Europe. Our models Mi6 through Mi9 each have their own unique functions (see Table). These systems ensure that your vehicles can be easily traced back - following theft, for example. The device is very small and works on an internal battery. It can therefore be discreetly tucked away anywhere inside the vehicle, making it virtually unfindable. It transmits signals via GSM (mobile communications network) and radio frequency (and with 2 of the devices, also via GPS), meaning that it will work always and anywhere in Europe.


Following theft and subsequent automatic reporting to law enforcement services, the device will transmit a signal at least once every hour via the GSM network as well as every second via radio frequency. These signals will ensure that the stolen vehicle can be located quickly and with precision. Over the course of time we have been able to recover very many vehicles in this manner. A significant added benefit is that the system is competitively priced, making it suitable for vehicles in various segments.


Mi Tracking Device features

The Mi tracking devices are compact in size – about the size of a matchbox. This allows it to be discreetly installed anywhere inside a vehicle. The system has its own power supply, making installation very straightforward. The device will of course be integrated into our trusted Moving Intelligence platform, meaning that customers can view its location and details in the online platform as well as using the MiApp!

  • Simple installation
  • Internal battery
  • Cannot be compromised
  • Easy to use
  • Wireless
  • Coverage throughout Europe
  • Competitive prices
  • View tracking device status in real-time in the Moving Intelligence platform/MiApp


Mechanism of the Mi6/Mi7 tracking devices

The Mi6/Mi7 tracking device will send out a signal once a day from its location. After this, the device turns itself off. Upon theft of the vehicle, you must contact our Emergency Centre. They will then remotely activate the system to Theft mode. The Mi6 works based on GSM and Radio Frequency; the Mi7 additionally also uses GPS.


The Mi8/Mi9 Tracking Devices

The Mi8 tracking device has the same functionalities as the Mi6, and the Mi9 the same as the Mi7, but they both have a larger battery than their counterparts, which amongst other things gives them a longer life-span. Based on one signal a day, the Mi8/Mi9 tracking devices have a lifespan of 8 years. It’s also possible to increase the signal frequency to 3 times per 24 hours (this will however diminish the lifespan of the battery due to increased power consumption).


In addition, the Mi9 has the TV01 certificate, which is issued by KIWA SCM since 1 June 2016. This means that the Mi9 system can recover the vehicle within 24 hours in the Netherlands.



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