• Huge increase in theft of GPS equipment from agricultural vehicles

    The agricultural sector in Europe has recently been plagued by theft of GPS equipment. In just one year, the theft damage suffered by farmers has already amounted to millions of euros in the Netherlands, not to mention the rest of Europe. The GPS displays are popular among criminals because they are often universally usable and

  • More and more motorhomes and caravans are being stolen in Europe

    Theft of motorhomes and caravans is a growing problem in Europe. The increasingly often internationally operating thieves has been targeting (parked) motorhomes and caravans in recent years. They are often easy to steal and have a high value. The police has therefore recently seen an increase in the number of thefts of motorhomes and caravans.

  • The new MiApp – update

    The new MiApp for Android and iOS has been updated. Our app for trip logging and (vehicle) security has been updated ready to download. The MiApp goes along with the new corporate identity of Moving Intelligence.  What is changed in the new MiApp? The Moving Intelligence branding has changed and the MiApp goes along there