• Three motorcycles stolen from parking garage

    Recently three motorcycles were stolen from a parking garage in Amersfoort. It remains a mystery how this could be done and where the motorcycles have gone. Two of the three stolen motorcycles were attached to each other with a big chain lock. When the motorcycle owners came into the parking garage in the morning they

  • Stolen tractors found in France

    In the French northeastern department of Moselle the gendarmerie succeeded, in cooperation with the Moving Intelligence investigation team, to find back two stolen tractors. The two tractors, equipped with a Mi01 Tracer, were in the back of a Romanian semi-trailer and were stolen in The Netherland the week before. The investigation team of Moving Intelligence

  • Stolen Fiat 500 back to owner in no-time

    Last week the owner of a Fiat 500 was unpleasantly surprised when after a visit to the grocery store in the German town of Gronau he came back to the parking lot and found an empty space where he parked his car earlier. The Fiat 500 is a popular car amongst thieves lately, certainly around

  • Classic car stolen, no trace of it yet

    In Enschede a valuable classic car, a bright red ’77  Chevrolet Corvette, was stolen. The owner securely parked the car and came to the discovery last Sunday that the car was not where he had seen it for the last time. Until now there is no trace of the stolen Corvette. A sour matter for

  • Stolen Ducati Panigale V4 recovered within 12 hours

    Last Monday morning our after-theft recovery team, together with the Dutch Police, arrested two suspects on suspicion of theft of a Ducati Panigale V4. The motorcycle had been stolen in a shed 12 hours earlier. Fortunately, the theft was noticed by the owner very quickly and he immediately called our 24/7 alarm center. Because the Ducati