• The Moving Intelligence beacons, an inexpensive and effective solution to prevent the theft of your possessions
  • GPS, GSM and RF coverage across the whole of Europe
  • Connection to the alarm center
  • View of the current status of the beacons on the platform and app

Thefts of cars and other mobile objects have been on the rise again in recent years. That is why many people are deciding to securely protect their possessions against theft. The range of security systems for cars, equipment, boats, tractors, etc. is enormous.

Unfortunately this does not appear to be adequate. Thieves are becoming increasingly professional and are, for example, able to use computer programs to hack or disable expensive electronic security systems. And that is why we have the Moving Intelligence beacons.


The tracking devices for all your mobile objects

The beacons have coverage across the whole of Europe and are each provided with unique functionality. With a tracking device you make sure that your means of transport can always be found, for example after theft. The small format and internal battery allow them to be fitted invisibly anywhere in a means of transport.
They transmit signals by GSM, radio frequency and the Mi7 and Mi9 also using GPS. This means they always work everywhere, across the whole of Europe.

Operation of the beacon series

After theft and a notification to the tracing service the beacon send a signal every hour through the GSM/GPS network and every second by radio. These signals are used to accurately trace and recover the stolen means of transport.

Mi7 Beacon

Mi7 Beacon – 3 years


Mi8 Beacon

Mi8 Beacon – 6 years

Mi9 Beacon

Mi9 Beacon – 8 years

Simplicity and user-friendly

The beacons have a very small format. They can be professionally and invisibly installed in the means of transport by your dealer. With the internal battery the system has no influence on the vehicle’s electronic system. Another advantage of the beacon is that it works stand alone and without wiring. Then the system cannot be sabotaged.

We often see that our end users, certainly those with cars from the higher segment, are also having our beacons installed besides the obligatory security system. They then have the ultimate in security. Thieves have great difficulty in stealing the car, and should they nevertheless succeed, the beacon then does its job. In short, our beacon is a must for any means of transport!

After purchase you receive an activation code. You use this code to add your means of transport to your Moving Intelligence account. In the online shop you can activate the services while also deciding the duration yourself.

The services are immediately activated with coverage across the whole of Europe at the same rate. On the Moving Intelligence platform you manage the administrative information, the means of transport and the authorisation structure yourself. For the Emergency Dispatch Centre you can yourself create the alarm contacts with the associated personal code.

Mi9 is Dutch SCM-certified for tracing units

The Mi9 is a Dutch Kiwa SCM-approved Tracing system (TV01). An approved tracing unit is a post-theft system that ensures that a vehicle will be found within 24 hours in line with the standard. This is why insurers mention a tracking device from this security class in their policy conditions. With the Mi9 you are then guaranteed the best security in this field.


The product specifications for each beacon can be downloaded below.



With the MiApp you always have all information on a vehicle or means of transport at your fingertips. This allows you to see where an object is located.

Reporting of theft to the alarm center, with immediate notification of the police. G4S is our alarm center partner and can be reached 24/7.

This allows you to receive a notification by e-mail or push in as soon as the selected object starts moving.

All daily sent log points can be seen on a map, online and through the MiApp.

Placement of an ‘electronic fence’ enables you to see when someone enters or leaves a zone.


Please let us know if you are interested in selling and/or distributing our products in your country.