• A single system for fleet management, trip logging, vehicle security and more ...
  • Personal identification: the solution for vehicles used by multiple drivers
  • Trip classification: switch to designate trips as business-related or for private use

Our systems can be used to optimise the coordination and efficiency of your commercial vehicle fleet. This could consist of services such as live tracking, trip logging and driving style analysis, amongst others.


You will be unburdened of such time-consuming tasks as completing incomplete trip reports, for example. All details, such as who drove in which vehicle at which time, can be called up at the push of a key, and you will always be able to check the location of your field staff at any given time.


You can also use our fleet management package to generate various reports showing the driver’s driving style (e.g. speed, braking behaviour, acceleration, turning behaviour, etc. – in short, everything you need for an effective driving style analysis). These services from Moving Intelligence will save fleet managers time, energy, fuel and hassle.

Mi50 Your vehicle’s “black box”

The Mi50 vehicle tracking system represents quality, efficiency and ease of use, and provides effective protection against sabotage and interception of the battery voltage. Upon interception, the Mi50 system will send an alert to our Emergency Call Centre. The Mi50 system is an SCM-certified vehicle tracking system, and as such is included by many car importers and insurance companies in their product range.


The hardware for the Mi50 system is small in size, and can be discreetly installed in your vehicle and tested by your dealer. The system will of course have no effect on the other electronics present in the vehicle.


Costs for maintenance, fuel and tire wear constitute an increasingly large portion of total business costs. In order to help keep these in check, we offer our driving style analysis feature. This service allows you to easily see how your vehicles are being driven – who’s braking too late, accelerating too hard or taking turns a little too sharply? Or who is an excellent driver? With Moving Intelligence’s driving style feature, you will on the one hand be able to save money on aspects such as tire wear and maintenance, while on the other hand you are also doing your part in conserving the environment. You will be able to instruct your drivers to drive more appropriately in order to increase the longevity of the vehicle as well as contribute to environmental sustainability.


The Mi50 vehicle security & fleet management system – a single system for fleet management, trip logging, vehicle security … Read more



With our free Moving Intelligence app you have a clear overview of all you transport resources, always and anywhere.
– Shows the route in detail on the map
– Exact location of object in one overview
– Date + start time and end time of the trip
– Clearly shows all driven routes on the map





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Registration of private or business kilometres with one button.
If you use your vehicle privately, it is handy if you have a summary of the kilometres driven for business and private purposes. With the MiClassify you arrange this with one press of a button. Read more


If vehicles are driven by different persons…
Knowing who has driven a certain car and when is always a challenge. The MiReader is your solution. This system enables personal identification. The MiReader registers each route and is directly linked to the vehicle driver. Read more

Fleet management

Trip logging


With the MiApp you always have all information on a vehicle or means of transport at your fingertips. So you can view and edit your trip administration.

A logbook is compiled of all driven routes. The routes can be classified and various overviews and reports can be compiled for the tax authorities.

Placement of an ‘electronic fence’ enables you to see when someone enters or leaves a zone.

This allows you to receive a notification by e-mail or push in as soon as the selected object starts moving.

Live Tracking provides real-time insight into the current location of all objects, both online as well as through the MiApp, anywhere.

An overview of times when the set maximum speed is exceeded within a specified period.

The time between the routes is displayed in one overview. This is very handy for calculating effective working hours.

The most recent mileage readings of all cars are collected into one overview.

The driving behaviour of the drivers can be seen with the driving style analysis. This allows you to compare the drivers’ driving behaviour.

With MiSwitch, you can remotely activate and deactivate connected devices through the MiApp.

With the P/Z (private/business) switch and the MiClassify service, it is very easy to differentiate between personal and business routes.

With the MiReader it is possible to have drivers identify themselves so that you can always see who drove in what vehicle.

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