• The after-theft tracing system with worldwide coverage
  • Internal battery with GSM mobile data, Radio Frequency and 360° GPS antenna
  • Worldwide coverage and 24/7 alarm centre

Theft of cars, commercial vehicles and equipment has risen in recent years. That’s why many consumers and companies choose to equip their valuable and precious possessions with a security system. But not all security systems turn out to be sufficiently adequate for protection against the steadily more professional criminal groups. With the Mi01 Tracer you’re absolutely a step ahead of the thieves.

The Mi01 Tracer is an after-theft tracing system with worldwide coverage. The tracer ensures that your object can always be found, whether it’s a car, boat, tractor or work of art. The Mi01 Tracer is equipped with a range of unique technical features so that the tracer cannot be hacked.

How does the Mi01 Tracer work?

The Mi01 Tracer transmits signals via GSM mobile data, RF (Radio Frequency) and GPS. Following a theft and its reporting to the tracking service, the tracer transmits a signal every hour through the GSM/GPS network, and every second via radio frequency. These signals are used to accurately trace and recover the stolen object.

Dutch SCM-certified Kiwa SCM after-theft system

The Mi01 Tracer is a Kiwa SCM TV01 Tracing System this certified tracing system is a after-theft system ensuring that a vehicle will be found within 24 hours in the Netherlands, in line with the Kiwa SCM standard.

That’s why insurers refer to an after-theft tracing system with this security class in their policy terms and conditions. Kiwa SCM is a Dutch Institute for Certification of Vehicle Security Systems.

Mi01 Tracer


The product specifications for each beacon can be downloaded below.


Simplicity and user-friendly

The compact size and point for mounting on the side allow the Mi01 Tracer to be installed out of sight virtually anywhere in a car, commercial vehicle or equipment. With the built-in power caps and internal battery the tracer has no effect on the existing electronics, and this system can operate entirely standalone and wirelessly. The Mi01 tracer system is activated by rotating the unit ten times 180 degrees, which activates the battery. You use the supplied activation code to add the tracer to your personal Moving Intelligence account.

The services are immediately activated with coverage across the whole of Europe at the same rate. On the Moving Intelligence platform you manage the administrative information, the means of transport and the authorisation structure yourself. For the alarm center users create the alarm contacts with the associated personal code.



With the MiApp you always have all information on a vehicle or means of transport at your fingertips. This allows you to see where an object is located.

Reporting of theft to the alarm center, with immediate notification of the police. G4S is our alarm center partner and can be reached 24/7.

This allows you to receive a notification by e-mail or push in as soon as the selected object starts moving.

All daily sent log points can be seen on a map, online and through the MiApp.

Placement of an ‘electronic fence’ enables you to see when someone enters or leaves a zone.


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