12 tips to prevent car burglary and theft

23 March '21, written by  Moving Intelligence

Criminals continue to steal vehicles unabated. Recent theft figures reveal that there are still 23.000 thefts of ‘rolling’ objects annually, varying from cars and commercial vehicles to mopeds and trailers. The theft figures show that the Volkswagen Golf and Polo are by far the most popular cars to steal, mbut that does not mean that you are safe with any other car. The Fiat 500 and Toyota C-HR and RAV-4 are also popular with thieves. Also the number of car burglaries is still sky high, at a stunning 45.000 times a year. 

Nobody wants to come to his car to see that the windows are shattered and personal belongings have disappeared or, even worse, to find the dashboard demolished and looted. Let alone that you unsuspectingly arrive at the place where your car was parked and all you find is an empty parking space. What can you do to prevent car burglary and theft?

12 tips to prevent car burglary and theft

1. Use the already present security options of your vehicle
Every car has a steering lock. Use this while your car is parked. After you park your car just give the steering wheel a little turn and ‘click’, your steering wheel is locked.

2. Use a mechanical pedal of gearbox lock
As an extra and deterrent security feature you can use a separate pedal lock or gearbox. These mechanical locks make sure your car can not be moved and are very hard to force.

3. Show that there is nothing to take
When you park your car and there are no valuable goods in your car, don’t be afraid to show it. Leave the glove compartment opened and leave the trunk uncovered.

4. Don’t leave anything of value behind in your car
Make sure to take everything of value with you when you leave your car. Or at least put it out of sight, don’t make it too easy. Chargers or other cables may be an indication of presence of valuable things, put them away too. Logically it is also not advised to leave the registration of the car and your drivers license, keep them in your wallet.

5. Make sure that the security of your vehicle is in order
Think about the security of your car. Insurance companies demand additional security measures from a certain new value. Even when no additional security measures are obligated it is wise to look into the possibilities. A track and trace system with jamming detection can be installed for a price from € 849,-. Purchasing a new vehicle is a lot more expensive.

6. Think about where you park your car
Do not park your car in a parking spot that doesn’t feel right. Avoid remote and quiet parking lots and in the evening, park at a well lit parking lot. A thief doesn’t like to get caught by other people and likes to do his job in the dark, keep that in mind.

7. Keyless Entry? Use a protective cover or a metal can
Convenience serves man, in that we agree. Keyless Entry is a very nice feature. No more troubles digging your car keys out of your pockets or purse, one push on the button and your car starts without the hassle of using your car key. A negative side effect is that the transmitted signals of your key can be copied with digital equipment. Always store your smart key in a protective cover or metal can and make sure that the distance between the car and the key is always big enough when you leave your car unattended. By preference take your smart key with you when you go to bed.

8. Handle your car keys with precaution
It is very easy to let your car key slide in the pocket of your coat, but it is just as easy for thieves to take it out again. Put away your keys in a hard to reach place.

9. Install an additional immobilizer in your vehicle
An immobilizer makes sure your car can not be started or moved without an extra action. Read everything about the MiBlock immobilizer here.

10. Make sure your license plates are securely fastened
Not less than 20.000 license plates are stolen every year, to be used in crimes with other, stolen, vehicles. You don’t want to be falsely accused of speeding, fueling up without paying or any other traffic crime do you? Make sure your garage attaches your license

11. Don’t forget to lock your car
The most obvious tip is to always lock your car. Although it seems obvious, it’s something that is often forgotten. Most cars nowadays are automatically locked after a few minutes, but if your car doesn’t, make sure to check if the car is locked before leaving it.

12. Equip your car with a track and trace tracking device
A track and trace tracking device is a after-theft security device that makes a car traceable after theft. A tracking device can be replaced in every vehicle, due to its small dimensions. Read more about the Moving Intelligence Mi01 Tracker here.

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