Classic car stolen, no trace of it yet

30 March '21, written by  Moving Intelligence

In Enschede a valuable classic car, a bright red ’77  Chevrolet Corvette, was stolen. The owner securely parked the car and came to the discovery last Sunday that the car was not where he had seen it for the last time. Until now there is no trace of the stolen Corvette. A sour matter for the owner, the vehicle was likely of tremendous value for him, let alone the financial damage that he suffered with the theft.

Secure your classic car

Do you want to prevent that your classic car disappears without a trace? Install a GPS tracker in your valuable possession! The Moving Intelligence Mi01 tracer shows it’s position once every day, in case of theft the frequence of showing position is raised to a maximum of once every 15 minutes and the tracker will start sending multiple signals. With the help of those signals the tracker, and with that your classic car, can be located and secured in cooperation with the police.

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