Huge increase in theft of GPS equipment from agricultural vehicles

10 September '20, written by  Moving Intelligence

The agricultural sector in Europe has recently been plagued by theft of GPS equipment. In just one year, the theft damage suffered by farmers has already amounted to millions of euros in the Netherlands, not to mention the rest of Europe. The GPS displays are popular among criminals because they are often universally usable and interchangeable, which makes the black market trade flourish.

A GPS-system helps farmers to register field data and can be linked to tools for sowing, harvesting or tillage, among other things. A tool with which farmers can take a huge step towards making their business more efficient. It is also a tool that involves a considerable investment, especially if it has to be purchased for several vehicles and work equipment. If that vehicle or equipment is stolen, it often means a considerable loss for the farmer. Unfortunately, it is a trend that can be observed all over Europe. Despite the fact that tools are more often being stored in closed spaces, camera surveillance is installed and burglar alarm systems are installed. If, after theft, it also turns out that GPS systems are not insured in some cases, the damage for the farmer is extra high. 

Police see an increase in theft

The striking increase in thefts of GPS systems from agricultural vehicles has the attention of the police. Concluding after previous arrests, they now classify the thefts as cross-border crime and are therefore working closely with Europol in tracing and combating the international criminal groups responsible for the thefts. The police also warns to be extra vigilant when GPS equipment is offered second-hand through sites such as eBay.

What can we do for farmers? 

Unfortunately, we cannot prevent theft, but we can certainly contribute to speeding up the tracing of your property. By integrating a Mi01 Tracer, an after-theft tracing system, into your equipment, it becomes a lot easier to find the stolen object in the event of theft. The Mi01 has worldwide GPS and GSM coverage and can send out RF signals in case of theft, making tracking much easier.

Would you like to secure your agricultural vehicle in addition to your GPS equipment? Our vehicle tracking systems are ideal for installation in your agricultural vehicle. Extended with the MiBlock immobilizer, it will be impossible to steal the vehicle. 

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