Lithuanian in stolen car traced and arrested

4 February '20, written by  Moving Intelligence

Last Sunday night, a 21-year-old man from Lithuania was arrested in Sluis (Netherlands, Zeeland) on suspicion of dealing in stolen property and driving a stolen car. Shortly before the nightly arrest, the man would have stolen a BMW in Maldegem (Belgium) and drove this car to the Netherlands.

Sunday night around 1.15 am the Belgium police received a report of a car theft in Maldegem. Thanks to the track & trace tracking system in the BMW, the owner was able to follow the car via the app.

Upon arrival at the location, the driver had already left the vehicle and the police immediately started a search for him. Shortly thereafter, a 21-year-old Lithuanian was arrested as a suspect.

The owner of the BMW and the police expect the car thief used the daily ritual of the owner. Every day, the man starts his car and then changes his clothes inside the house so that he can get into a warm car when he leaves at home.