More and more boats are being stolen

28 May '20, written by  Moving Intelligence

Boats and sailing, more popular than ever. Everybody wants to be on the water and the sales market for new and used boats is booming business nowadays. This popularity isn’t unnoticed by thieves. Increasingly we receive theft notifications of boats and watersport objects from our emergency room. So far, our after theft recovery team was able to retrieve and recover all stolen objects. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, because a lot of boats aren’t provided with any kind of security.

On a regular base you can read about stolen boats. Often that concerns smaller vessels of motor boats, but recently a sailing yacht was stolen from a harbor in the Netherlands. Luckily for the owner of the yacht, her vessel was found back quickly. Three men were arrested on suspicion of concealing of stolen goods.

Insufficient security

Boats are an easy target for thieves because of lack of security measures. It’s an easy and quick job to steal boats and sell them on. Thieves take advantage from this situation.

Insurance companies also notice the rise of theft regarding boats and raise their security demands concerning boats. A simple chain lock isn’t sufficient enough anymore, they demand at least a certified lock and chain for both boats and outboard motor as well as for boat trailers.

Only a certified chain and lock will not protect your boat, also the ability to secure your boat to a jetty or the shore is important. In practice this seems to be tricky, because harbors can’t or don’t provide a secure solution for locking your boat to shore or jetty. Boat owners have to improvise to secure their boat at all. 

Boat security by a GPS track and trace system offer correct and the best security for your boat, outboard motor or boot trailer. With our MiMarine boat track and trace system and our Mi01 after theft tracer we offer innovative aquatics security solutions.

With our solutions you not only protect your properties, you will also be able to keep track of it. As well as keep control over connected appliances on your boat. Keeping your log up to date and register the routes you’ve sailed is also possible. In addition to all that you can receive (push)notifications when your boat our object enters or leaves an digitally fenced location. Altogether, with our products you have security and control in one solution.

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