More and more motorhomes and caravans are being stolen in Europe

15 June '20, written by  Moving Intelligence

Theft of motorhomes and caravans is a growing problem in Europe. The increasingly often internationally operating thieves has been targeting (parked) motorhomes and caravans in recent years. They are often easy to steal and have a high value.

The police has therefore recently seen an increase in the number of thefts of motorhomes and caravans. On social media, various local polices stations are asking residents to report suspicious situations near (parked) motorhomes directly via the local emergency number. “We want to make people alert to such thefts.” said a police officer.

Thieves have not only targeted to motorhomes itself, but especially parts or the complete chassis. With our security systems you are always one step ahead of thieves. Protect your motorhome or caravan with a Mi01 tracer, vehicle tracking system and or the MiBlock Immobilizer.