Moving Intelligence provide safety & security systems for Greek cars

25 April '18, written by Moving Intelligence

Moving Intelligence, market leader in vehicle and equipment security, enters to a strategic cooperation with G4S Telematix, market leader in telematics applications in Greece. Expansion to Greece is a logical consequence of the successful cooperation between Moving Intelligence and G4S Netherlands. 

Moving Intelligence has expanded recently to become the party in vehicle and equipment security. Considering the ambition for further growth and the increased demand for vehicle safety &security systems, cooperation with G4S Telematix is a next step in internationalisation for Moving Intelligence. 

‘Greece is probably not the most obvious choice. However, looking at the characteristics of the local market, with an increasing theft rate, one of the lowest insurance premiums in Europe and fierce competition in low cost alternatives, we understand why G4S has selected Greece as one of the first pilots in our European rollout.   We are all enthousiastic with the challenge and  are really looking forward to providing cars in Greece with the best vehicle security,’ stated Patrick Horst, CEO of Moving Intelligence.

Managing Director of G4S Telematix, Mike Maltezakis also leads the Technical Center of Excellence for Monitoring and Tracking for the G4S European Region. “Expanding our traditional services to Securing People and Assets ON THE MOVE” is a natural evolution for G4S. Our European footprint gives us the ability to provide a unique service to vehicle manufacturers, transporters, even governments given the recent Ecall rollout. Moving Intelligence’state of the art technology, certifications, approvals and track record secured a position in the shortlist of potential suppliers we will be piloting in selected markets. It is a proven aftermarket supplier to most vehicle manufacturers and insurers and as the market in the Netherlands is highly regulated it meets G4S standards. I have great expectations from this cooperation.”

Manage all things moving 

Moving Intelligence enables management of all things moving. This is done with hardware that is invisibly built in and with software that makes information visible. they help people manage all things moving: from car to scooter, from trailer to container, from boat to work equipment. We do this for everyone: multinational or retailer, fleet manager or proud owner of a vintage car.

The unique web-based Moving Intelligence platform offers the most advanced services in the field of security, trip registration, fleet management and sustainable mobility.

G4S Telematix, part of the world wide G4S Organization, specializes on providing tracking and security monitoring & response services primarily to the fleets transporting High Risk High Value Goods throughout Europe.

With over 15 years of experience in the field of telematics applications, it is one of the leading companies in the industry, boasting major projects to its credit in terms of scale and complexity: It successfully provided the vehicle tracking subsystem of the emergency response vehicles for the 2004 Athens Olympics; recently provided the Greek Government with the Management System for Ecall in Greece.

G4S Telematix, specializes in “Monitoringof People and Assets on the Move” enhancing the safety of corporate mobile workforces, increasing the security of their mobile assets and generating operational savings throughout their supply chain.

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