Shared cars more often target of thieves

1 March '21, written by  Moving Intelligence

Shared cars are increasingly popular worldwide and according to Statista the number of users will grow to 36 million users in the year 2025. It’s not so surprising that you see shared cars everywhere in cities and regions and in all sizes and shapes, even electric. The relatively simple concept of car-sharing ensures that you use a car more consciously, it saves costs and enhances environmental awareness. Just like with normal cars, shared cars are also a target of thieves, the security of shared cars is something that must be thought about.

The interest of car thieves grows along with the increasing popularity of shared cars, as more shared cars are being stolen. This trend is observed in recent times, which is concerning. In the United States a case is known in which over 100 shared cars were stolen using credit card fraud. Of course that is an exception, but it still is something to keep in mind.

Protect your shared cars

All over reasons enough to give the security of your shared car proper attention. The Moving Intelligence security systems are particularly suitable to keep control over your shared cars and to protect them against theft. With Moving Intelligence you can keep a real time overview over what happens with your cars and at the same time protect them.

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