Stolen Fiat 500 back to owner in no-time

29 April '21, written by  Moving Intelligence

Last week the owner of a Fiat 500 was unpleasantly surprised when after a visit to the grocery store in the German town of Gronau he came back to the parking lot and found an empty space where he parked his car earlier.

The Fiat 500 is a popular car amongst thieves lately, certainly around the Dutch and German border. The owner of this Fiat 500 was prepared, out of precaution he equipped his car with a track and trace system. because of that he could accurately see where his stolen car was and pass the information on to the German police. It was clear that the stolen Fiat had crossed the border into the Netherlands soon after the theft. The Dutch police were informed and managed to catch the carthief, a 63 years old man from Dutch town Deventer, on a parking lot next to highway A1 near the Dutch town of Rijssen.

Fast recovery thanks to a track and trace system

Thanks to the adequate action of the German and Dutch police the owner of the Fiat 500 could get his car back quickly, but all thanks to the installed track and trace system.

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