Stolen tractors found in France

3 June '21, written by  Moving Intelligence

In the French northeastern department of Moselle the gendarmerie succeeded, in cooperation with the Moving Intelligence investigation team, to find back two stolen tractors. The two tractors, equipped with a Mi01 Tracer, were in the back of a Romanian semi-trailer and were stolen in The Netherland the week before.

The investigation team of Moving Intelligence could give the French gendarmerie the exact location of the tractors. The gendarmerie could therefore find the semi-trailer easily, at a large parking lot next to the highway near Saint Avoid . After a quick inspection of the semi-trailer the gendarmerie could verify that both tractors, meanwhile without VIN-number, were in there. The truck with the semi-trailer was on his way to Spain, where the tractors  probably would have been sold on.

The owners of the tractor can be relieved, thanks to installing a Mi01 Tracer they will get their valuable work equipment back.

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