Three motorcycles stolen from parking garage

8 July '21, written by  Moving Intelligence

Recently three motorcycles were stolen from a parking garage in Amersfoort. It remains a mystery how this could be done and where the motorcycles have gone. Two of the three stolen motorcycles were attached to each other with a big chain lock.

When the motorcycle owners came into the parking garage in the morning they discovered empty parking spaces with only cut off chain locks left. The parking garage can only be entered with an access pass and there were no signs of forced entry.  CCTV footage of a white van arriving and leaving the area are under investigation, but otherwise the police gropes in the dark regarding this triple theft.

Theft was a walk in the park

Unfortunately the stolen motorcycles were only equipped with mechanical security and it was a ‘walk in the park’ to force the lock and get away with the motorcycles. None of the motorcycles was equipped with additional security with which they can be tracked down. The unfortunate owners will probably never see their beloved motorcycle again.

Do you want to get your motorcycle back? 

With our Mi01 Tracer the changes are high to, in case of theft, trace your motorcycle. The Mi01 uses GPS and GSM signal to locate the tracer, the position is communicated daily. After theft, the frequency of locating the tracer can be raised and together with then sending out Radio Frequency signals it becomes possible to track down the tracer and the stolen motorcycle.

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