• Moving Intelligence offers various effective security systems
  • We make life as difficult as we can for thieves
  • Our systems are effective solution to prevent the theft of your possessions

Every day cars are stolen and heavy equipment is driven off of construction sites – for this reason alone, adequate protection of your assets remains as necessary today as it has ever been. Moreover, most insurance companies require that certain mobile objects are protected against theft.


Moving Intelligence offers various effective systems in the area of security, to make it as difficult as possible for potential thieves to steal other ones property. And should a thief be successful in breaking into your vehicle, we also have a number of contingency systems for recovering the stolen vehicle.


Thieves are becoming increasingly brazen and sophisticated – construction vehicles are driven off of lots during the daytime, never to return; and cyber-criminals have certainly been known to hack into vehicles’ ECU’s (Engine Control Units), just to name two scenarios…


We want to make life as difficult as we can for thieves, and we do so by using our vehicle tracking systems in combination with immobilizers that are unhackable. Attempting to disrupt the signal of the vehicle tracking system – a common trick amongst car thieves – will then therefore have no effect. And should a thief manage to drive off with your vehicle after all, it can be traced back and recovered with our tracking system.


But security is about more than that. Security is also an emergency button for someone in a dangerous situation, or a system that automatically contacts emergency services when you’ve just had an accident. Such features are also included in our services.



MiWith our MiApp you have a clear overview of all you transport resources. The app also has a variety of handy options, such as;

– Live tracking – always and anywhere
– Activating the immobilizer (Temporarily)
– Clear and well-organised route registration
– Push notification messages








Mi50 – Vehicle security

Optimum security, and beyond …

The Mi50 vehicle security system represents quality, efficiency and ease of use, and provides effective protection against sabotage and interception of the battery voltage. Upon interception, the Mi50 system will send an alert to our Emergency Call Centre (PAC).

The Mi50 system is an Dutch SCM-certified vehicle tracking system, and as such is included by many car importers and insurance companies in their product range.

The hardware for the Mi50 system is small in size, and can be discreetly installed in your vehicle and tested by your dealer. The system will of course have no effect on the other electronics present in the vehicle. Read more

Mi01 Tracer

After-theft security system with global coverage!

The Mi01 Tracer is a track and trace GPS tracker. The device transmit signals via Radio Frequency, GSM (mobile communications) and in some cases also via GPS, meaning that it will work anytime and anywhere, including outside Europe.

The Mi01 Tracer is very compact in size and work on an internal battery, allowing them to be easily, safely and discreetly fitted inside any vehicle. Following theft and subsequent automatic reporting to law enforcement services, the device will transmit a signal at least once every hour via the GSM network as well as every second via radio frequency.

These signals will ensure that the stolen vehicle can be located quickly and with precision. Read more 

MiBlock Active Tag immobilizer

The perfect ignition immobilisation device

If you equip your vehicle with the MiBlock Active Tag immobilizer, coupled directly to the Mi50 system, you can prevent the vehicle from being started without authorisation. The versatile MiApp app can be used to configure and enable/disable the immobiliser.

If the MiBlock Active Tag is used in combination with the Mi50 system, the immobiliser will also be activated upon detection of GSM jamming (jamming is often employed by thieves in an attempt to prevent the vehicle from being traced). The MiBlock immobilizer represents our intelligent solution against theft.

The immobilizer can also be installed on its own (not in combination with the Mi50 system). Read more 


With the MiApp you always have all information on a vehicle or means of transport at your fingertips. This allows you to see where an object is located.

Reporting of theft to the alarm center, with immediate notification of the police. G4S is our alarm center partner and can be reached 24/7.

In the event of sabotage of the tracking system, you will be informed through the alarm center or by push notification via the MiApp.

Placement of an ‘electronic fence’ enables you to see when someone enters or leaves a zone.

Live Tracking provides real-time insight into the current location of all objects, both online as well as through the MiApp, anywhere.

This allows you to receive a notification by e-mail or push in as soon as the selected object starts moving.

After deliberate disruption of the communication of the Mi50, the vehicle can no longer be started without the authorisation card.

IMMOBILIZER (MiBlock Active Tag)
The MiBlock Active Tag immobiliser can be activated manually through the MiApp or according to a time schedule.

In emergency situations, an alarm message can be sent to the alarm center using an emergency button located inside the vehicle.

In emergency situations, an alarm message can be sent to the alarm center using an emergency button located inside the vehicle.

With MiSwitch, you can remotely activate and deactivate connected devices by setting the switch in the MiApp to on and off.

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