• Stolen watercraft traced and recovered by owner

    The owner of a stolen watercraft traced and recovered his stolen object in a few hours via the Moving Intelligence app.

    With our Marine tracking systems you will track your watercraft, vessel or other marine object in real time from anywhere and at anytime.

    Marine solutions

  • Stolen wheel loader found after theft

    Last weekend, our Moving Intelligence theft recovery team found back a stolen wheel loader in the south of the Netherlands. A few days earlier, the wheel loader was stolen on a closed construction site.

    Do you also want to secure and retrieve your work equipment after theft? Visit the Mi01 Tracer page or contact our sales department via sales@movingintelligence.com or +31 88 99 00000.

  • Stolen Ducati Panigale V4 recovered within 12 hours

    Last Monday morning our after-theft recovery team, together with the Dutch Police, arrested two suspects on suspicion of theft of a Ducati Panigale V4.

    The motorcycle had been stolen in a shed 12 hours earlier. Fortunately, the theft was noticed by the owner very quickly and he immediately called our 24/7 alarm center.

    Because the Ducati Panigale V4 was equipped with a Mi01 Tracer recovery system, our after-theft recovery team was able to locate the motorcycle very quickly in a backyard of a house in Eindhoven.

    Together with the Police, the owner and the Moving Intelligence recovery team, the motorcycle was immediately secured and two suspects were arrested.

  • Lithuanian in stolen car traced and arrested

    Last Sunday night, a 21-year-old man from Lithuania was arrested in Sluis (Netherlands, Zeeland) on suspicion of dealing in stolen property and driving a stolen car. Shortly before the nightly arrest, the man would have stolen a BMW in Maldegem (Belgium) and drove this car to the Netherlands.

    Sunday night around 1.15 am the Belgium police received a report of a car theft in Maldegem. Thanks to the track & trace tracking system in the BMW, the owner was able to follow the car via the app.

    Upon arrival at the location, the driver had already left the vehicle and the police immediately started a search for him. Shortly thereafter, a 21-year-old Lithuanian was arrested as a suspect.

    The owner of the BMW and the police expect the car thief used the daily ritual of the owner. Every day, the man starts his car and then changes his clothes inside the house so that he can get into a warm car when he leaves at home.


  • Special cooperation with the Sami in Lapland

    We keep track of everything that moves. Our systems make it easy to track and secure valuable possessions. Naturally one thinks of cars, boats or work equipment, but not immediately of reindeer. Yet it’s possible.

    The Sami live in the northern part of Scandinavia, Lapland. With some of them still making a traditional living herding reindeer, the Sami are getting help from Moving Intelligence to keep an eye on their herds. Every spring the reindeer migrate from winter to summer pastures, an impressive trek through the harsh and snowy landscape. There are several occasions during the reindeer migration when the herders drive their herds together to perform a count. To understand better how the migration occurs, why the reindeer disappear and where they go, this year 30 reindeer females, about 10% of the population of the relevant herds, have been fitted with a leather collar containing an Mi01 tracer.

    An interesting fact: reindeer mate from late September until the beginning of November. Some reindeer males have 15 to 20 females (hinds) with which to mate. This extra effort can cause a male’s fat percentage to drop to 5%, as they lose a great deal of weight. The neck of a male also swells up and the mane grows in this period. Only the hinds are equipped with collars, to avoid the reindeer losing them, or in case they become too tight because of the swelling. 

    The Mi01 tracer ensures that the herders can discover where the reindeer are and where they have been. Are poachers operating in the areas where the reindeer migrate? Are the reindeer getting lost? Are they still healthy? Should we provide extra food? Just some of the questions occupying the herders. The herders are also curious as to whether the reindeer population is suffering from climate change. Northern Scandinavia’s harsh winters have become less severe in recent years. It still freezes at night, but the temperature is often above zero by day. This means the snow melts and the melt water freezes back to a layer of ice at night. The reindeers’ food, mainly lichens, is under that layer of ice, making it more difficult for them to reach it. They can easily get through the snow with their hooves, but it’s a different story on ice. It’s also increasingly difficult for reindeer to survive when food becomes more inaccessible. Opening up an insight into the places where the reindeer have been allows investigation of whether climate change in those places has an impact on the reindeer mortality rate.

    Moving Intelligence has made 30 of its Mi01 tracers available to the Sami entirely free of charge, while also assisting the herders in gaining insights into their herd populations and behaviour during migration. The sophisticated technology of the Mi01 ensures that the reindeer can be tracked to the nearest metre, and a specially-developed report notifies the herders when a tracer transmits a position at the same location for two days or more. Reindeer are constantly on the move during migration, so more than two days in the same spot means something is amiss. The herders can easily respond to this to check what’s going on.

    The products of Moving Intelligence have all-round applicability, and because we develop all our hardware and software in-house, there are also extensive possibilities for working alongside you on a solution for your mobility or security challenge. Nothing is too offbeat for us.

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  • Tesla Model S recovery in Amsterdam [VIDEO]

    In 2019 we followed our after-theft recovery team during the theft of a Tesla Model S.

    With our GPS track and trace recovery systems, like the Mi01 Tracer, you will find your means of transport. 

  • Gen25 + Salesforce + Moving Intelligence = 360-degree customer profile

    To be able to serve our customers well and to give a positive experience at any time, a 360-degree customer profile is essential.

    To get an idea of these profile, we collaborated with Gen25. Gen25 helped us with the implementation of Salesforce and a 360-degree customer profile.

  • When it happens, it happens fast…
    The world is on the move. And wherever there is movement, you will find us: Moving Intelligence.
    With solutions that consist of integrated products and software that makes information visible. Allowing our users to monitor, control and safeguard all things moving around the globe. Should something be stolen from you anyway, we will recover it.