Knowledge in Motion.

The world is on the move. And wherever there is movement, you will find us: Moving Intelligence.

We help people manage all things moving: from cars to scooters, from trailers to containers, from boats to work equipment. That’s important, because you value what you have. Everything that drives, sails, flies, or is transported. Items of value for which you saved a long time, in which you invested a great deal, and on which a lot depends. Whether it is a lorry, fleet of vehicles, boat or haulage: we enable control.


And that is reassuring. To have insight in your possessions. We do this for everyone: multinational or retailer, fleet manager or proud owner of a vintage car.


Moving Intelligence enables management of all things moving. With hardware that we integrate invisibly and software that makes information visible. Allowing you to monitor, control and safeguard all things moving worldwide. And should something be stolen from you anyway, we will recover it personally. Literally.


We are doing this for more than 20 years. And every day, every year of our company’s existence, we innovate our services and products further. That is why we are market leader in managing all things moving. Our technology allows people to sleep more soundly and businesses to operate more efficiently.


We are: Moving Intelligence.



Please let us know if you are interested in selling and/or distributing our products in your country.


When it happens, it happens fast…