The world is in motion. And where there is motion, we are: Moving Intelligence.

We help people to get a grip on everything that moves: from car to scooter, from trailer to container, from boat to work equipment. Important, because you value what you have. Everything that drives, sails, flies or is transported. Things of value that have been saved for for a long time, where a lot has been invested in and on which lots dependends. Whether it is a truck, fleet, boat or transport: we add control to it.

And that makes you feel good, having knowledge of what you got. We add knowledge for everyone: multinational or tradesman, fleet manager or proud owner of a vintage car.

Moving Intelligence puts your world in motion under control. With hardware that we install invisibly and with software that makes information visible so you can track, manage and monitor everything that moves worldwide. And if an object is stolen, we will personally retrieve it!

Every day, every year that we exist, we add innovation to our services and products. That’s why we are market leader in adding control to anything that moves. And we do what we do because our technology allows people to sleep more peacefully and companies to work more efficiently.

Moving Intelligence. Knowledge in motion.


Patrick Horst


Jan Smit


Martin van Hunen

Product Development

Jessica Hak

Manager Finance & HR

Hans Kruithof

Operations Director

Niels Boersma

Commercial Director

Robert Pijselman