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Moving Intelligence.

Moving Intelligence enables management of all things moving. With hardware that we install invisibly and with software that makes information visible so you can track, manage and monitor everything that moves worldwide.  

We are offering the most advanced services in the field of security and fleet management. Every user has worldwide insight and control over his or her vehicle with our MiApp, regardless of the brand or type of object.

With more than 25 years of experience our technology allows people to sleep more soundly and businesses to operate more efficiently. 

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Our countries

Moving Intelligence have the ambition to become the leading European player by delivering the best quality of products combined with a very high service! Germany, England and Belgium are the first countries in which we are currently active. 

Our partnership with Echoes

As of January 2024, Moving Intelligence has started its partnership with Echoes. Both companies share a strong international growth ambition and are leaders in telematics solutions in their respective fields. The pooling of their expertise positions them optimally to meet the current and future needs of their customers. Moving forward, both brands will continue to exist independently, with Moving Intelligence and Echoes operating autonomously. Customers can continue to use their trusted services, and in the future, they will have the opportunity to benefit from the services of both brands. 

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Latest news

Moving Intelligence and Echoes join forces

Zaltbommel (NL), January 18th, 2024 – Moving Intelligence, leading the way in secure asset tracking, sustainable fleet management and smart mobility, announces its partnership with Echoes, the recognized leading force in next-generation vehicle data solutions. The combined group will create an undisputed European leader in smart connected vehicle solutions serving customers across 10 European countries with 500,000 connected active assets projected by year-end.

What is the difference between an AirTag and a Tracer?

AirTags and many other smart trackers have several limitations. If your car or other vehicle is stolen and you want to recover it, a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone must be nearby. Somewhere deep in the forests in Eastern Europe, in an abandoned industrial estate or perhaps in a container at the port, the chances of that are very slim. In addition, AirTags are easily detectable because they always emit a signal. Thieves can thus quickly find and remove the AirTag.

Moving Intelligence acquires EuropeTrack and SlimmGPS

After expansion to Germany and Great Britain, it was time to solidify our homebase in the Netherlands with two transactions specialized in fleet management and trip logging. According to Patrick Horst, CEO of Moving Intelligence: “Traditionally, we have a larger market share in security compared to fleet management in the Netherlands. The acquisition of two strong brands complements our position in fleet management as well as our service offering. Moreover, our Dutch team gains some very experienced members in especially sales and IT. I am very pleased to welcome the Europetrack and SlimmGPS team to the Mi Group!”