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Mi-Security products from Moving Intelligence nominated for the Telematics Award 2022

Berlin, 18 August 2022: Every two years, the Telematik Award of the media group is presented in the field of vehicle telematics. It is considered one of the most important prizes in the industry. This year, Moving Intelligence GmbH won the jury's vote with its innovative security products, Mi50 in combination with the MiBlock immobiliser, and is now one of the lucky nominated companies.

Seal of nomination Telematik Award 2022

Telematik Award 2022 from Telematik-Markt

Since 2010, the Telematik Award has honoured special development achievements and solutions in the field of telematics. A jury of experts with renowned members from business, science and journalism decides on the nominees and winners of the award. In addition to the Mi50 GPS tracker and the MiBlock immobiliser, more than 200 solutions were examined by this year’s expert jury. Only 29 solutions from different companies were rated “Good” or “Very Good” and were able to secure a nomination. Peter Klischewsky, chairman of the jury and editor-in-chief of the media group Telematik- “We were surprised this year with an enormous number of solutions especially in the areas of fleet and asset management. Our jurors therefore had to pay even more attention than usual to even the smallest differences.”


Unique solutions for theft protection of vehicles and construction machinery

Compared to conventional GPS systems, the Moving Intelligence solutions, consisting of Mi50 and MiBlock, are characterised by a particularly high level of theft protection. To take on the methods of professional thiefs, the solution has unique functions: With manipulation and sabotage detection, geofencing, protection against GPS jamming and motion alarm, vehicles can be reliably secured against theft. In the event of unauthorised tampering with the electronics, the immobiliser activates automatically and provides additional protection.

Winning telematics solutions will be awarded at a digital event in October

In the further course, the solutions of the nominated companies are independently considered and evaluated under the supervision of the chief juror Prof. Birgit Wilkes from the Technical University of Wildau. At the end of the two-month review process, all telematics systems are compared in detail and the winners in the respective categories are determined. The categories include: Fleet Management, Telematics Apps and Construction. The announcement of the winning innovations will then take place as a digital event on Telematik- The event is to take place shortly before the publication of the new trade journal on 18.10.2022. The Telematik Award will be presented in the form of a trophy. In connection with the award, additional prizes worth a total of 25,000 euros will be awarded.

Mi50 security system

Moving Intelligence security products Mi50 and MiBlock

The Mi50 GPS tracker, in combination with the MiBlock electronic immobiliser, sets new standards in vehicle security:

  • Prevents unauthorised vehicle starting
  • Tamper & unauthorised location change Alarm
  • Immobiliser controllable via MiApp and radio transmitter
  • International GPS- and, in the event of faults, GSM-positioning

About Moving Intelligence GmbH

Moving Intelligence GmbH (formerly PLT Software GmbH) has been part of the Dutch Moving Intelligence Group, market leader for GPS-based anti-theft and vehicle monitoring systems in the Netherlands, since mid-2021. The group is currently expanding rapidly on its way to becoming the European market leader for digital fleet management and vehicle security.

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Zaltbommel (NL), January 18th, 2024 – Moving Intelligence, leading the way in secure asset tracking, sustainable fleet management and smart mobility, announces its partnership with Echoes, the recognized leading force in next-generation vehicle data solutions. The combined group will create an undisputed European leader in smart connected vehicle solutions serving customers across 10 European countries with 500,000 connected active assets projected by year-end.

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AirTags and many other smart trackers have several limitations. If your car or other vehicle is stolen and you want to recover it, a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone must be nearby. Somewhere deep in the forests in Eastern Europe, in an abandoned industrial estate or perhaps in a container at the port, the chances of that are very slim. In addition, AirTags are easily detectable because they always emit a signal. Thieves can thus quickly find and remove the AirTag.

Moving Intelligence acquires EuropeTrack and SlimmGPS

After expansion to Germany and Great Britain, it was time to solidify our homebase in the Netherlands with two transactions specialized in fleet management and trip logging. According to Patrick Horst, CEO of Moving Intelligence: “Traditionally, we have a larger market share in security compared to fleet management in the Netherlands. The acquisition of two strong brands complements our position in fleet management as well as our service offering. Moreover, our Dutch team gains some very experienced members in especially sales and IT. I am very pleased to welcome the Europetrack and SlimmGPS team to the Mi Group!”